How to Choose The Right Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce in Singapore refers to a legal procedure that terminates a marriage. In Singapore, divorce involves a two-stage process, whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce. Dissolution of marriage is the first stage, in which the Court deals with the termination of the marital relationship in its entirety and grants an Interim Judgment. In the second stage, the Court deals with the ancillary matters by determining how each party's affairs should be handled, including the issue of child custody, division of assets and spousal maintenance. Upon conclusion of the two stages, the Final Judgment will be granted.

Dissolution of a marriage is typically handled by a divorce lawyer who specialises in family law, which includes child custody and division of property. They provide their clients with legal advice and protection of their rights throughout the divorce process. When selecting a trustworthy divorce lawyer in Singapore, consider their expertise in family law, track record, and recommendations from clients and accreditations.

Here are some tips to help you find a trusted divorce lawyer:

  • Have a Basic Understanding of Divorce Proceedings

    Before finding a divorce lawyer, it may be beneficial for one to have a basic awareness of the legal process in order to have a rough idea of divorce proceedings in Singapore. This will also help you determine generally what to expect when seeking legal assistance.

  • Word of Mouth & Online Reviews

    An effective method to find a compassionate and skilled divorce lawyer is to seek referrals from family members, friends, and colleagues with experience in or knowledge of the divorce process in Singapore.

    Alternatively, you may look at online reviews and articles to identify and compare different divorce law firms and their approach to divorce proceedings.

  • Seek Singapore Divorce Lawyers under the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA)

    The LSRA lists all Singapore solicitors with a current practising certificate from the Supreme Court of Singapore, as well as all foreign lawyers, individuals and law practice entities registered with the LSRA. This gives you an idea of a lawyer’s professional background and may serve as an indicator of the quality of their work. It is recommended that you hire a divorce lawyer with significant experience handling divorce cases.

  • Check for the Following Qualities

    Besides having all the necessary credentials, professionalism, relevant experience and a solid track record, a good divorce lawyer should also have the following qualities:

    • Compassionate

      – Divorces are the most stressful events in a person’s life. As such, having a compassionate lawyer who can reassure, sympathise and support you throughout the process, can go a long way.
    • Professional

      – Divorce lawyers should be approachable, responsive, and competent to ensure that they are able to represent their clients’ best interests.
  • Affordability

    Prior to starting the divorce process, calculate your finances carefully and determine your budget. From there, check around with various law firms to find out how much they typically charge for a case similar to yours. Ideally, you should find a firm that provides a range of divorce services at a reasonable and competitive rate.

Why Choose Amy Lim Law Practice?

At Amy Lim Law Practice, we pride ourselves on providing excellent legal expertise and personalised service to all of our clients. Our Singapore divorce law firm is led by Amy Lim, whose practice focuses on all aspects of divorce, particularly helping women in disadvantaged or abusive marriages achieve a favourable outcome in their divorce proceedings. You may contact ALLP regarding family-related legal inquiries by calling 6550 6306 or by email at

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